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Best Dallas Playgrounds

Best Dallas Playgrounds

According to this news article, here are the top 3:

1) Liberty Park
1200 Mill Valley Road
Plano, TX 75075
(972) 941-7250
This community park has more than just a playground. With a shade pavilion, open sports fields and drinking fountains to quench your thirst from the sun, this park can entertain children of all ages, including you. This park prides itself in its playground, equipped with baby swings for your smallest little bundle of joy. Grab a picnic basket and head for the park. Liberate yourself from your house today and take the kiddos out to play.
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2)Pleasant Oaks Park
8701 Greenmound Ave.
Dallas, TX 75227
(214) 670-0941
Surrounded by trees, this play area is equipped with slides, swings, a climbing net and even a swimming pool. It’s a great way to get the family out of the house and out of the sun. No more worries about your child getting hurt while playing in the playground. There are separate play areas for your little ones up to the older kiddos to insure the safety of your child. This top-rated playground is worth the visit. So have a pleasant day with the family and play at Pleasant Oaks Park.

3) Greenville Sports Park
Leo Hackney Blvd.
Greenville, TX 75402
(903) 457-2994
Hidden away near Greenville High School in the Greenville Sports Park is Aunt Char’s Kid Zone. Bring a picnic basket because there are plenty of tables in the shade for a restful lunch while you’re out and about. If you’re trying to find somewhere for your little ones to expend some extra energy, this is the place to go. With slides, swings and sand to play on, your little ones will have a blast. From castles to climb on to rings to hang from, your kiddos are guaranteed to get quite the workout. So go visit Aunt Char and take the whole family.
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Heres’s a few more good playgrounds according to this Dallas playgrounds article:

A. R. Schell Park in Plano
2305 Laurel Lane
Plano, TX
Safety Rating: A*

Adventure World Playground in North Richland Hills
7451 Starnes Road
North Richland Hills, TX
Safety Rating: A*

I’m very biased towards some of the Plano playgrounds that are near public schools north of Dallas.

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Top 3 Hoverboards for Christmas 2016

Top 3 Hoverboards for Christmas 2016

Top Three Hoverboards For Christmas 2016

The hoverboards craze is taking over in the market and Christmas season is right around the corner. Family and friends will be looking to get a good purchase themselves when it pertains to hoverboards. Now, the question is, which one should you be going out to get? Which option is going to run well and meet all of your requirements?

Three hoverboards are right on top when it comes to this question.

Let’s take a look at each one and what it provides.

1) Swagtron T1

This is a well-designed machine that will be a great addition to anyone’s collection. This is a nice gift because it’s build quality is impressive, and you can tell the attention to detail.

Pros: 8 MPH Max Speed, Easy To Use For Beginners, Lightweight

Cons: Wheels Could Have More Grip, Harder For Taller Riders

These are the pros and cons of this product, but it is right up there with the best.

It is an exceptional product, and one rider will have a good time with as they are moving from one place to another on top.

For a gift, this is a nice buy.

2) Razor Hovertrax 2.0

The razor-sharp design is the first thing that will catch your eye with “Razor Hovertrax 2.0′. It is an excellent option, and they’ve refined it since the first model.

It is a striking hoverboard that will capture the attention of everyone when it’s being used around town.

Pros: Easy To Use, Easy Mounting, Beautiful Design

Cons: Battery Life Could Be Longer

This is a robust option and deserves its spot in the top three as of right now. It is a fun hoverboard and one that has a lot of choices available to those who want a customized solution.

3) Powerboard by HOVERBOARD

Do you want an affordable, high-grade hoverboard that is not going to put a dent in your wallet? Well, you will know the “Powerboard by HOVERBOARD” is the way to go then in this top three.

It is a great option for anyone.

Pros: Low Price, Impressive Battery Life (6 Hours), and Responsive Turning

Cons: No Beginner Mode

This is the one hoverboard; you will be able to get behind and enjoy for a long time to come. It is the perfect gift as you are looking to find a good deal that’s going to work out for everyone.

These are the top three hoverboards for Christmas in 2016, and you will be able to bring a smile to the person’s face when you put this under the wrapping paper. Who doesn’t want to get a hoverboard for Christmas? These are trending on the market, and you will capture everyone’s attention with one of these hoverboards.

Take a look at the options, compare them, and then make a purchase based on what you think will work well for your situation.

Each one has a plethora of benefits and will work well as a gift during Christmas season.